Luna Luna

Lunarian Membership Benefits

Free Discount Voucher

Receive 10% off voucher* instantly upon successful sign-up

*You can redeem this discount at the cashier when you make your dine-in orders.

Welcome Points

Receive 500 welcome points* instantly upon successful sign-up

* This can be redeemed into RM5 cash voucher for your next purchase.

Collect Points ​

Earn 10 points for every RM1
(RM1 = 10 points) spent when you dine-in 

Birthday Rewards

RM15 voucher + 2X points when you spend during your birthday month

Exclusive Rewards

Discounts & promotions exclusively for members only

Be Rewarded with Luna Luna Vouchers

RM5 In-store Voucher

500 Points

RM10 In-store Voucher

1000 Points


  1. Register at cashier or,
  2. Self register here (
  3. Scan QR code below to self-register
  1. After you have signed up, you will receive an SMS with a link to your digital membership card
  2. Click on the link in the SMS and you will be directed to your profile
  3. Remember to SAVE CARD to your phone home screen as a web app to view your points and rewards easily.
  4. Alternatively, you may scan the QR code below to access your profile

Qr Code

  1. When you’re at the store cashier, open your Luna Luna web app on your phone home screen
  2. Click on rewards > choose the voucher that you want to redeem > click on USE > click on CONFIRM > swipe to use
  3. Then, show the discount code to the cashier
  1. Whatsapp 0183886065 if you have any questions or,
  2. Reach out to the staffs in the store for assistance.